A list of my Small Wins

Because success is a series of small wins...

  • Learned about accessibility
  • Created my first ruby gem
  • Created Small Wins Rails Application
  • Wrote my first api endpoint!!! Also ran 5k and did ab conditioning even though I felt super sore from the previous two days of weight training.
  • Learned the difference between `=>` and `->` in coffeescript
  • Got builds passing for all my open PRs
  • Baked my first apple crisp
  • Went to a social gathering, ran 4 miles, did all my errands, even got a car wash for my main homie :)
  • Took notes on POODR chapter's 2 and . Good stuff.
  • Set up a prod server, mostly!!! It still needs emails configured, but you can go to it and that's a great start lol.
  • Cooked fried rice :D It is very delicious
  • figured out how to get home after accidentally getting on the wrong bus 🤣. also did my workout 😁💪